I've worked with Teresa for 20 years and there is not a single technical thing that she's been unable to master. Whether it's developing a website, maintaining an existing one, performing database work, figuring out someone else's code, solving some mysterious problem or simply coding PHP, JavaScript or HTML, there's no one else I'd rather have on it than Teresa.

Jon Kaplan
Managing Director
The ScreamFree Institute
I've had the privilege of hiring Teresa twice. First, at IQ Software where she was continually entrusted with increasing responsibilities. Then at my own business where she learned a new technology without any training and excelled. Teresa learns and understands dramatically quicker than others both technology and business processes and dynamics. An excellent communicator with a wonderful sense of humor, Teresa is the total package.

Sue Welch
Sagacity Services
Teresa is my strategic IT problem-solver. From designing my web page to leading me through the nuances of selling online, Teresa has worked professionally and patiently with both me and my customers with great results for all concerned. She continually comes up with ideas to improve and streamline my site and, in the process, has really increased my IT comfort level!

Connie Esmond-Kiger

Excel Data Extraction
For Academic Purposes


  • Written in Visual Basic, this Windows application is used by university accounting professors who use Excel assignments to solidify students' understanding of subject matter.
  • Quickly consolidate data from multiple Excel Workbooks.
  • Data can come from individual cells and/or ranges of cells.
  • Either the cell value or cell formula can be extracted.
  • Extracted data can be viewed immediately in Excel or saved to an Excel workbook to be viewed later.